Stuart Turner M330N 1.5 bar Pump

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The Stuart Turner Pump M330N 1.5 bar pump would be the most popular water booster pump of for apartments and houses. This is a  negative head pump that is used to pump and boost water to one or two bathrooms a toilet and hot and cold water to the kitchen.

We carry out a full Repair service on the Stuart Turner M330N model including call outs in the Dublin area. We have all the spare parts available for this negative head water pump. Normally a brass pump should last anywhere between 15 to 20 years if looked after and parts replaced where necessary.

The most common problems on the Stuart Turner M330N 1.5 bar Pump are as follows.

  • The pump will make a low click noise buzzing or humming noise
  • Burning smell coming from the pump
  • You need to keep switching the pump on from the socket
  • No power going to the pump
  • Pump has very low pressure
  • Pump stays on all the time and does not stop
  • Leaking from one side of the pump

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your Stuart Turner pump call us today as all the above problems can be repaired in your own home.