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The Stuart Turner Water Pump Range

Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal Pump
Stuart Turner Pump

Stuart Turner provide a large range of water booster pumps that can be used in apartments and houses. The Monsoon and M330N pumps are commonly seen in apartments. You can use the ST55 or ST66 pump for boosting your water to your shower.  Monsoon Universal pumps are used for boosting water in apartments.


All The following Stuart Turner Pumps can be repaired:

  1. M330N negative head brass pump 1.5 bar
  2. Stuart Turner Monsoon twin 2.0 bar brass  pump positive or negative
  3. Stuart Turner Monsoon twin 3.0 bar brass  pump positive or negative
  4. Universal negative head monsoon brass  pump 2.0 bar
  5. All Universal positive head monsoon pumps 2.0 bar
  6. Showermate Eco 1.5 Bar ideal for showers
  7. Showermate Eco 2.0 Bar ideal for showers
  8. ST55 and ST66 Pumps to pump water to showers

How to get a Stuart Turner Pump Repaired.

Monsoon ST55 and M330N Pumps are very versatile pumps that are made to last for years. After boosting water you your home these pumps may need a repair at some stage in its life. The most common problem after a few years will be the PCB board and starting capacitor and these can be changed getting you back up and running with water in your home. The issues below can all be repaired.

  1. PCB Control board can be replaced easily.
  2. Mechanical seals for a pump that is leaking.
  3. Pressure switch for the pump that has no pressure.
  4. If your pump makes a buzzing noise this can be repaired.
  5. You pump comes on and off for no reason.

    How to repair a stuart turner water pump

Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal Negative Head Pump – This pump is used for boosting water pressure in homes without a water tank in the attic. These pumps are designed in the following pressure bars. 1.5 Bar  2.0 Bar & 3.0 Bar

Monsoon Universal Positive Head Pump – This pump is used for boosting water in a home where you have a water tank in your attic. These pumps are designed in the following pressure bars. 1.5 Bar  2.0 Bar & 3.0 Bar

M330N Negative Head Pump – This pump is a very popular pump and is the plumbers first choice for installations in apartments or where the water pressure is very low.

ST55 & ST66  – These are solid pumps and designed to last for years. They are best suited for connection to one or two showers and produce great water pressure. The new ST15 and ST20 pumps are now the new model for the ST55 & ST66.